Leave behind the distractions of web development.

Work with a design-oriented developer who can translate your artwork and fully realize your beautiful designs in code.

Have you ever worked with a developer who went MIA during a project? 

Tried pursuing full-stack design, only to waste hours of unbillable time helping clients with code?

Or come up against the biggest challenge of all for any web designer: trying to get your designs implemented as intended in code?

There’s no bigger frustration than handing over your artwork only to see the final product looks less than pixel perfect and nothing like your original design. Emotionally and professionally, it’s hard seeing great design work you’ve spent weeks on fall apart at the implementation stage.

Solid communication and close collaboration are essential when designers and developers team up to create a great product. Designers need developers who listen, understand, and help.

Ready to work with a design-oriented developer who can TRANSLATE and fully realize your beautiful designs in code?

focus on design

website development for designers

Focus on Design is a 4-8 week WordPress development package where I take care of the code and implementation of your web design so you can focus 100% on your designs, free from development distractions.


  • You’re tired of trying to be a full-stack “unicorn” designer when all you really want to do is design.
  • You’re spending too much time coding – and you don’t even enjoy it.
  • You’re frustrated with developers who miss small but significant details and argue that they’re unimportant.
  • You wish you could create beautiful and functional websites without the overwhelm of code.


  • Enjoy the feeling of relief that comes with the knowledge that someone who understands and respects your design aesthetic is looking after your code.
  • Spend more time and energy focusing on what you do best – great design.
  • Produce beautiful and functional websites for your clients that they can manage and update themselves without calling on you for help.

what's included?

  • Website development
  • Web hosting suggestions based on the client's specific needs (premium managed WordPress web hosting is available)
  • Mobile responsive website
  • Basic SEO
  • Social media integration
  • Subscription/ Opt-in integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • User-friendly backend that enables the client to make changes without ongoing developer assistance
  • Two rounds of revisions
  • Bonus: 30-day post-launch technical support
  • Bonus: 1-year access to Typenest’s professional WordPress training video library
  • Optional: Monthly website maintenance plan after launch 

the process


initial contact

Ready to work together? Get in touch and I’ll reply with a link where you can book a date and time for a discovery call – you can get to know me, and I can get to know you.


discovery call

During our 30-minute chat, we’ll discuss your project in detail, including your goals, development needs, the client’s project scope, estimated development costs, and timeline.


proposal & Contract

Following the call, I’ll send you a custom proposal and service contract. I’ll also forward you an invoice for a deposit, so you can secure your project in my calendar.



Once you’ve sent me your design files and notes, I’ll audit the client’s content to ensure it matches your mockups and any additional content can be sourced prior to development.



I’ll start developing the site on a staging server. When it’s ready, I’ll send you login details so you can review the site and suggest revisions before presenting it to the client for feedback.



Once you’re satisfied the website looks and functions as it should, I will invoice you for the final payment and we’ll proceed to launch your client’s website. Time to celebrate!

​Ready to focus on design?

​​If you’re interested in working together on your next design project, I’d love to chat! Click the button below so I can learn more about your project and we can get started!


Large and complex websites, e.g. membership, online course and e-commerce sites starts at $6500.

A 25% deposit is required before we get started and the remaining balance will be split into 3 installments over the duration of your project.

Need an encouraging nudge?

  • Instead of spending hours trying to fix code on your clients’ websites...
  • Take back your time! When you don't have to deal with development, it means you can spend more time on design - and other things you love doing

  • Instead of feeling disappointed with developers who don’t understand your design aesthetic…
  • You can have a client website that looks exactly like your original artwork and designs.

  • Instead of trying to solve your clients’ technical problems…
  • You’ll have a trusted developer on hand who can take care of it for you.

​Ready to focus on design?

​​If you’re interested in working together on your next design project, I’d love to chat! Click the button below so I can learn more about your project and we can get started!

Who is Focus for Design for?

perfect for designers who

  • Don’t enjoy coding
  • Don’t have time to code
  • Want to create beautiful and functional websites for clients
  • check
    Want peace of mind when it comes to translating beautiful designs into functional, pixel-perfect websites, complete with development support

not the right fit for designers who

  • Enjoy coding
  • Have time for both design and development
  • Have a client website project that needs to be developed yesterday (i.e. rush projects)
  • minus
    Are looking for a developer to work on platforms other than WordPress
  • minus
    Are looking for a cheap developer

You'll come way with

  • A beautiful and functional website that matches your original artwork and designs.
  • Peace of mind knowing that the technical side of things has been handled competently.
  • More time to focus on what you enjoy and do best: great design.
  • check
    A website with a user-friendly backend that clients can manage without ongoing developer assistance.
  • check
    Development support during the project and after launch.

Frequently asked questions

Do you work directly with clients or with me?

Do you work with any platforms other than WordPress?

Can clients update the website on their own after launch?

Do you need all the website content before we get started?

Do you provide ongoing support and maintenance after the website is launched?

Do you handle web hosting?

Do you have payment plans?

Are deposits refundable?

READY TO focus on design?

​If you’re interested in working together on your next design project, I’d love to chat! Click the button below so I can learn more about your project and we can get started!

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